Protocol Owned Liquidity
as a Service

Explore a new way to sustainably grow your
protocol's liquidity

The problem with
existing yield farms

Liquidity leaves farms at an alarming rate

“42% of yield farmers that enter a farm on the day it launches exit within 24 hours. Around 16% leave within 48 hours, and by the third day, 70% of these users would have withdrawn from the contract.“

Sell Pressure
Impermanent Loss
Price Volatility
Transient Liquidity

The OCP Bonds Solution

Bonds vest over a period of days set by
the protocol and bond holders are free to
claim any pro-rata share.

Support your Protocols

When users purchase Bonds through OCP,
it allows Protocols to accumulate liquidity to
secure longevity and price stability for
everyone involved. This makes bonds a
mutually beneficial exchange.